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SAE Abstract 960062

Emission System Upgrades for Older Vehicles

Richard R. Carlson
Car Sound Exhaust System, Inc.
Keith Finkenbiner
Neutronics Enterprises, Inc.
Richard J. Sommerville
San Diego County Air Pollution Control District


Thirteen 1975-1980 model year vehicles were equipped with a set of components to upgrade their emission control systems. Each vehicle was tested before maintenance (as-received), after tune-up and correction of original equipment emission system defects (baseline), and after installation of the emission upgrade system (upgrade). Average emissions of non-methane hydrocarbons (NMHC), carbon monoxide (CO), and nitrogen oxides (NOx) with the emission upgrade system installed were reduced more than 60% from baseline immediately after upgrade.

Six of the vehicles accumulated 48,000 kilometers with the upgrade system installed. After 48,000 kilometers, average emissions of NMHC and NOx were still reduced approximately 50% compared to baseline, and average emissions of CO were reduced approximately 20%.

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