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Neutronics offers, as part of its Emissions Upgrade product line, a series of specialized controllers designed to convert open-loop Bosch (CIS) fuel injected vehicles to closed-loop feedback control vehicles.

This upgrade kit is particularly intended for BMW, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Saab, Volkswagen, and Volvo cars. Vehicle coverage also includes imported "gray market" cars, which can regain considerable emissions performance efficiency through the installation of this product.

Vehicle Application

BMW, 320 i, 1977-79
Mercedes, 280E, 1977-79; 450E, 1976-79
Porsche, 911s, 1974-1979; 911sc, 1974-79; 911 turbo, 1976-78;
924, 1976-79; 928, 1978-79
Saab, 99, 1975-80; 900, 1979-80
Volkswagen, Dasher, 1976-80; Jetta, 1980; Rabbit, 1977-80;
Scirocco, 1977-80
Volvo, 140e, 1974; 240e, 1975-79; 260e,1976-78; GL, 1980

The Neutronics Bosch K-Jetronic Upgrade Kit is supplied ready for installation and consists of a microprocessor controller, wire harness, Bosch fuel control valve, heated oxygen sensor, and a universal three-way catalytic converter. It is legal for sale in California under C.A.R.B. Executive Order No. B-20-1.

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