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* "Timing Is Everything!," Smog Check Advisory, January, 1999: "In the recently concluded Phase II Smog Check station audits, the 'functional timing check' was the most often overlooked element of the Smog Check inspection, according to BARís Smog Check Field Operations Manager, Mike Vanderlaan, and his auditing teams. . . . Because proper repair is so critical in achieving our clean air goals and timing appears to be problematic for technicians, we decided it would be 'timely' to cover it more thoroughly in this edition of the Smog Check Advisory.

* "Low-Income Repair Assistance Program begins in Sacramento," Smog Check Advisory, November, 1998: "Using the services of Gold Shield Gross Polluter Certification (GPC) stations, BAR will begin offering up to $450 for emissions-related repairs to help qualified, low-income consumers in the Sacramento metropolitan area this November. Statewide expansion is expected to be completed by next spring."

* "Governor Directs BAR to Use Existing Laws to Increase Convenience," Smog Check Advisory, October, 1998: "In conjunction with the veto message and negotiations with the Budget Conference Committee, BAR agreed to expand the number of Gross Polluter Certification (GPC) stations in its pilot program to a minimum of 350 statewide . . . . BAR also set dates to implement a low-income repair assistance program, beginning in Sacramento County within 60 days . . . .

* Clean Fuels Forum, August, 1998: "Smoking vehicle hotline calls lower than last year. Remember if you see a smoking vehicle call (916) END-SMOG or #SMOG, a free call on your cellular phone."

* "CNG Civic Goes Cross Country," Clean Fuels Forum, August, 1998: "Bill Fairbairn of the California Natural Gas Vehicle Coalition drove his CNG Civic to Washington DC to attended the 4th National Clean Cities Conference and Exposition."

* "ASM Testing Begins June 8," Smog Check Advisory, June, 1998: "Acceleration Simulation Mode (ASM) testing for hydrocarbons (HC) and carbon monoxide (CO) begins June 8 in all Enhanced Areas of the state. Oxides of nitrogen (NOx) testing could begin as early as July 1 if shops, technicians, and equipment are ready."

* "Qualified GSGRs Will Provide Low-Income Repairs," Smog Check Advisory, June, 1998: "Under LIRAP, low-income motorists will be eligible for state subsidized repairs at designated Gold Shield stations. Only GSGRs meeting special performance criteria will be selected to participate in LIRAP, expected to begin later this year with statewide expansion to be completed next year."

* Butane-Propane News, April, 1998: Ford is now partnering with GFI on propane vehicles for model year 1999.

* Butane-Propane News, April, 1998: "GM's 1998 bi-fuel medium-duty truck is being produced in partnership with Impco . . . . anything that is available with our Vortec 5700 engine should also be offered as a bi-fuel."

* "GPCs Review Gross Polluter Repairs, Offer Advice to Repair Shops," Smog Check Advisory, April, 1998: "About 20 percent of the vehicles arriving at Gross Polluter Certification (GPC) pilot stations are incorrectly or incompletely repaired, according to a survey of some GPC station owners . . . . At Dave Sahagun's Chevron station in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood, about 20 percent of the Gross Polluters that visit his shop after being repaired initially at other shops are failing. Technician Ron Camba attributes the failures to incomplete repairs. 'There are a lot of EGR failures, and the timing is not adjusted properly,' he said."

* Butane-Propane News, February, 1998: Texas Department of Transportation plans to buy 600 alternative-fueled vehicles during the current fiscal year. Ninety percent of them will operate on propane.

* "BAR-97 Phase-In Begins With Relatively Few Glitches," Smog Check Advisory, January, 1998: "At press time, manufacturers reported to BAR that 3,340 Enhanced Area stations had purchased BAR-97 systems by December 1. In addition, more than 5,500 technicians had also completed the 8-hour Transition Training Course and were ready to begin learning to use the new system in their shops . . . . Full certification is still proceeding at full speed, and at press time BAR-97 system software manufactured by SPX, ESP, and Snap-On/Sun had entered beta testing. These three manufacturers represent approximately 90 percent of California's BAR-97 Emission Inspection System (EIS) market."

* "Vehicles Exempt From Smog Checks, Other Changes Take Effect," Smog Check Advisory, January, 1998: "Vehicles four years old and newer, and vehicles 1973 and older, are now exempt from Smog Checks. Both exemptions took effect January 1 under new legislation . . . . [B]y 2003 a rolling 30-year exemption will apply."

* "List of Aftermarket Parts Will Reduce Unnecessary Referee Referrals," Smog Check Advisory, January, 1998: "BAR will soon be making the Air Resources Board's list of approved aftermarket parts available to both technicians and consumers, and is currently developing regulations requiring stations to use the available information before referring vehicles to Referee Stations." One method is to contact "the Emission Parts Locator toll-free at 1-800-826-3566."

* Scrap Program–The county of San Diego has established an old-car buy back program. Sellers are paid $600 for vehicles manufactured prior to 1975 and $500 for 1975–1981 cars. To be eligible, a car must have a gasoline-powered engine, must have been registered to a San Diego County address for at least two years, must have a valid smog certificate, and must be street legal and in driving condition. Persons interested in selling their pre-1982 cars and trucks can call 595-5285 to determine whether their vehicles qualify.

* Other Important Phone Numbers:

. Air Quality Forecast Message: 1-619-565-6626
. Smoking Vehicle Report: 1-800-28-SMOKE

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