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Neutronics is proud to announce the introduction of its Mark V industrial closed loop controller. The Mark V Controller was designed specifically to provide fuel management for natural gas fueled engines.

The Neutronics Retrofit System, another product, converts vehicles originally built with an open-loop carburetor or fuel injection system and an oxidation catalyst into a closed-loop (feed back control) system with three-way catalysts. This system provides good vehicle driving quality, dramatically improved emissions levels, and may also offer reduction in fuel consumption. Qualifying passenger vehicles were generally manufactured between 1975 and 1981. For those who wish more specific information, we have prepared a dynamic representation of the typical effects of the installation of our system on a vehicle with unacceptable emission levels. A static representation is also available.

Our Transistorized Ignition Module (TIM) was designed to upgrade vehicles with a conventional contact points ignition systems to electronic ignition systems.

Neutronics' new Bosch K-Jetronic Upgrade Kit converts open-loop Bosch (CIS) fuel injected vehicles to closed-loop feedback control vehicles.

Our Alternative Fuel Feedback Control System (LPG) upgrades uncontrolled open-loop propane carburetion fuel systems to closed-loop control systems. This system is a necessity to achieve modern emission levels.

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