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The Mark V Controller has adjustable set points that compensate for various fuel pressures and engine loads. Diagnostics, displayed on the face of the controller, assist in initial setup and continuously monitor how the engine is performing.

The Mark V system comes with everything necessary to install the controller on the engine. All components are industrial quality, including a six-foot wiring harness complete with all connections terminated, a heated oxygen sensor with exhaust mounting nut, a fuel control valve with stepper motor installed, and a Slageloc trim valve for fine gas flow adjustment.

The Mark V Computer

Mark V Computer

Each Mark V Controller kit includes a Technical Manual with pictures and diagrams that aid in the installation process. Among the major topics treated in the Manual are the following:
  • Theory, Operation, and Requirements

    • Operation

    • Oxygen Sensor

    • Motorized Fuel Valve

    • Included With Your System

    • Additional Parts Required

  • Installation Guide

    • Motorized Fuel Control Valve

    • Heated Oxygen Sensor

    • Mark IV Controller

    • Troubleshooting
A complete copy of the Technical Manual in Adobe Acrobat format is also available for downloading. Technical support is provided during normal business hours.

All manufacturers of Cogen equipment are currently using the Mark V Controller. For additional information, contact Neutronics at Info@neutronics.com.

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