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The Neutronics Retrofit System kit converts vehicles originally built with open-loop carburetor or fuel injection systems and an oxidation catalyst into closed-loop (feed back) systems with three-way catalysts. It provides good vehicle driving quality, dramatically improved emissions levels, and may offer reduction in fuel consumption.

Our system is not a cure-all. Your vehicle needs to be in good working order. Its hydrocarbons (HC) levels should be 300 ppm or less, and its carbon monoxide (CO) output should be 3.0% or less. If your vehicle's emission levels are greater than these you will need to add a tune up and/or carburetor adjustment. If you have questions as to whether our system is appropriate for your vehicle (typically, a 1975 to 1981 model), please e-mail us the emission levels, year, make, and model of your vehicle.

A Neutronics Retrofit System kit includes a computer, harness, air valve, heated oxygen sensor, three-way catalytic converter, installation manual, and a California Air Resource Board certification sticker. Installation of the system also requires some common automotive parts. These parts include a heater hose, hose clamps, cable ties, and sheet metal screws.

In addition to standard service hand tools, the following specialized equipment is also required in the installation process:

  • Digital Multi Meter (DVM) for checking the wiring
  • Welding equipment for exhaust system repair and catalyst and oxygen sensor installation
  • Exhaust gas analyzer (with at least HC and CO capability) is recommended

Those wishing detailed installation and testing information on this product are invited to download the complete Neutronics "Emission Retrofit Kit Manual," which is available in an Adobe PDF file (emissions.pdf: 408K).

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